Cisco Stealthwatch Administration

The Stealthwatch for System Administrators (SSA) two-day course focuses on a framework to follow for completing the initial configuration tasks required to get Stealthwatch up and running. These tasks include, but are not limited to, creating host groups and classifying services and applications found in the network. These critical initial configuration steps allow the Stealthwatch System to begin monitoring flows and network behavior and to provide customers with data they can use to determine next steps, such as what policies (tuning) need to be put in place for managing the amount of data presented.


After completing this course you should be able to:

Validate network configuration of Cisco Stealthwatch appliances
Set base SMC configuration values
Use SMC documents and reports, to determine if exporters are properly setup
Use SMC documents and reports, to determine IP addresses that belong to your organization
Properly place hosts into appropriate host groups
Define services and applications
Organize network devices into the BY Function host group
Define basic concepts of policy management and apply policy to host groups
Add Cisco Stealthwatch users with specific roles
Create custom documents
Establish response management rules, triggers and actions


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Security Administrators involved in the initial configuration of a stealthwatch solution

Conocimientos requeridos


Day One

Welcome (60 minutes)
Why Stealthwatch? (30 minutes)
The Many User Inter»Faces” of Stealthwatch (15 minutes)
Stealthwatch Application Validation (30 minutes)
Management Console: Basic Setup (90 minutes)
Lunch (60 minutes)
Hosts and Host Groups (90 minutes)
Classify Services and Applications (30 minutes)
Network Devices and the By Function Host Group (45 minutes)
Policy Management: Group Policy (30 minutes)
Day Two

Quick Review (15 minutes)
User and Role Management (60 minutes)
Custom Documents (45 minutes)
Response Management (40 minutes)
Lunch (60 minutes)
Review the Web Application: What’s New? (60 minutes)
Wrap Up (20 minutes)

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