Prosci Change Management Practitioner Certification

The three day Prosci certified change management Practitioner course from CMC Global provides participants with a methodology and toolkit for managing change in their organisations.

Prosci’s methodology (which includes the Prosci® ADKAR® Model) has been adopted by more than 80% of the world’s largest organisations.

Participants in this three day programme can qualify as certified practitioners of Prosci’s research-based change management methodology.

CMC’s Prosci Practitioner Certification has been approved as an Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) Qualified Education Provider™ (QEP™).

This means that for those seeking Certified Change Management Practitioner™ (CCMP™) accreditation, taking this course qualifies as 24 instructional hours and will ensure a quicker review process for their ACMP CCMP Application.

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Prosci® Enterprise Change Management Boot Camp

This interactive workshop is aimed at those charged with developing organisational change management capability. It takes delegates through the steps required to build a compelling case for Enterprise Change Management in their organisations, and shows them how to use Prosci’s Change Management Maturity Model™ to assess and improve organisational change management capability.

Leading organisations around the world are deploying Enterprise Change Management (ECM) to embed change capabilities into their organisations. The ECM Boot Camp is an interactive, fast paced programme focused on how to best internalise change management practices, processes, capabilities and competencies.

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Prosci® Integrating Agile and Change Management Workshop

In this practical and interactive workshop you’ll see Prosci research presented into the intersection of Agile and Change Management and discover how the Agile approach for delivering projects does not take away the need to focus on the people-side of change.

At the end of the workshop you’ll be able to build specific tactics and plans for effectively adapting and adjusting change management in an environment using Agile iterative development.

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Prosci® Methodology Application Programme

Prosci’s Methodology Application Programme (MAP) zeroes in on what’s new in Prosci’s updated, more actionable and accessible methodology—and the benefits to you and your organisation.

Designed for Prosci Practitioner Programme graduates, this one-day workshop teaches you how to leverage the refreshed methodology for change success. In fact, you’ll learn how to apply the new methodology to a project.

You’ll also become familiar with the new robust, user-friendly tools in the game-changing Prosci Hub Solution Suite. And as an attendee, you will receive a one-year subscription to important tools and content in the suite.

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Prosci® Advanced Change Management Certification & Training:Prosci® Train-the-Trainer Level 1

s your organisation looking to elevate its change management mindset, skillet and tool set through effective change management training? The Train-the-Trainer Programme immerses you in a role-based change management training approach that enables you to train and coach key roles. By doing so, you improve the overall change-readiness of your organisation while reducing the long-term costs of change management training.

Train-the-Trainer Programme Level 1 prepares you to internally teach programs for front-line employees, people managers, and project managers and teams. If you’re looking to provide training for additional change practitioners and senior leaders, Level 1 serves as a prerequisite to Level 2, which enables you to develop practitioners and sponsors in change.

In both programmes, you’ll learn how to effectively deliver your internal role-based training in person and virtually.

From April 2020, all future Train-the-Trainer Programmes will be taught in line with the recent Prosci methodology and tools enhancements. Therefore, in order to enrol onto an upcoming programme, you must have received at least some formal training on the

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Prosci® Advanced Change Management Certification & Training:Prosci® Train-the-Trainer Level 2

The Train-the-Trainer Program Level 2 immerses you in the change management teaching experience and transitions you to the role of facilitator for all roles within your organisation. As a Train-the-Trainer Level 2 graduate, you’re qualified to train and develop your entire team in-house, improving the overall change-readiness of your organisation while reducing the long-term costs of change management training.

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La Capacitacion Digital

Una empresa es digital por la mentalidad de sus empleados y la cultura digital de su organización, es decir, lograr que los procesos, operaciones y personas sean digitales.
ofrece formación y consultoría especializada en competencias digitales para acompañar a las empresas en sus procesos de digitalización. Las empresas deben ser conscientes del imparable proceso de digitalización, donde la formación en materias digitales es esencial para poder competir y alcanzar los resultados deseados en el nuevo entorno en el que nos movemos. Impulsar la capacidad de los trabajadores y desarrollar su talento digital es vital para cualquier empresa que quiera una plantilla preparada a las nuevas exigencias tecnológicas que abarca el mercado.

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