Introduction to Cisco Tetration Analytics Operations and Administration

This course will familiarize you and help you understand how The Cisco Tetration Analytics platform enables efficient datacenter operations by providing pervasive visibility, behavior-based application insight and migration to a zero-trust model.


After completing this course you should be able to:

Enables pervasive visibility of traffic across datacenter infrastructure
Use long term data retention for forensics and analysis
Create communication and dependencies for all applications within the datacenter
Empower companies to get to a whitelist policy model Identifies behavior deviation in real time
Perform forensics operations

Big Data

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10 horas

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  • Nivel alcanzado 80% 80%

Dirigido a

ndividuals working with the Cisco Tetration Analytics platform

Conocimientos requeridos

Attendees should meet the following prerequisites:

Familiarity with Data Center Technology
Familiarity with Network operation
Understanding of basic network security


Module 1: Tetration Overview

Defining and Positioning Cisco Tetration Analytics
Intent-Based Policy
Machine Learning
Network Performance Monitoring and other Use Cases
Module 2: Tetration Components

Data Collection
Sensors and Agents
Flow Collectors
Analytics Engine
Open Access
Module 3: Operational Concepts

Module 4: Tetration Setup and Deployment Models

On Premise Options
Installation Procedure
Creating Scopes, Roles, and Users
Deploy Hardware Sensors
Deploy NetFlow Sensors
Deploy ERSPAN Sensors
Module 5: Software Agents

Software Agents Overview
Software Agents Features
Software Agents Configuration
Module 6: Application Dependency Mapping

Why ADM?
Tetration Application Insight
ADM Process
ADM Run Results
Module 7: Cisco Tetration Analytics Policy Enforcement Overview

Module 8: Cisco Tetration Flow Search

Results Filtered by Scope
Searching with Conjunctions
Flow Explore Integrated
User Annotations
Module 9: Tetration Policy Analysis

Enable Policy Analysis
Live Policy Analysis
Backdated Policy Experiments
Quick Policy Analysis
Module 10: Tetration Apps and API

App Store
User Apps
Visualize Data Sources
Bring your own Data
Module 11: Tetration Ecosystem

Platform Integrations
FW Management Tools
Corvil and Extra Hop

Lab 1: Exploring the GUI
Lab 2: Software Agent Installation
Lab 3: Application Dependency Mapping with Agents
Lab 4: Enforcement
Lab 5: Flow Search
Lab 6: Advanced ADM Run
Lab 7: Policy Analysis

Solicita información del curso

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